Voice Verification

ACCI is proud to announce the integration of voice verification into its self-directed learning cognitive program. Voice Verification is a least costly / least intrusive way to confirm the identity of the intended program participant. This new feature is projected to become available in July, 2014. 

How It Works?

Each referral made through Lifeskills Link will have the option to add voice verification to their referral. Once the referral has been submitted, the referring professional will be prompted to dial a phone number and then a unique identification code. At this point, the phone is handed to the program participant and they will be prompted to speak in the phone and give their "voice print".

During the course of the program, the participant will receive phone calls from our system and they will be prompted to speak responses into the phone, which will verify and match them to their "voice print". Once their identity has been confirmed, our system will begin recording the call between the participant and our automated attendant. Questions will be asked that pertain to the specific course the participant is taking. The entire call recording will be saved into each referring professional's account under the referrals profile. The recorded call will be available to the referring professional for streaming / listening.

This feature is ideal for those who:

1. Are higher risk offenders
2. Require intense supervision 
3. Are seeking an alternative to jail
4. Are on house arrest
5. Need additional accoutanbility while completing one of our correspondence cognitive life skills courses. 


Send us an email to express interest or ask questions about this feature and we will send you updates as they become available.